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Askari Beam

Askari Range of Products

Askari offers a wide range of quality security products to protect you and your family.

Askari Outdoor, Dual, PIR Motion Detectors

The Askari wireless detectors has been specifically designed for the alarm technician to seamlessly integrate the Askari perimeter beams into any alarm system.

Askari has a formidable advantage over competition products in being able to minimize false triggering and cope with a wide spectrum of environmental conditions.

Newest Technology

Our Research and Development team directs its work towards the innovation, introduction, and improvement of our products and processes by using the newest Technology available.

The Askari wireless detectors makes use of spread spectrum transmission technology, which makes it difficult to detect, intercept or demodulate.

Askari Scout uses eight C-size batteries that will last three to five years although some have lasted up to 8 years. The Nano Station will alert you when the batteries need replacing by flashing the Trouble Light.

Detection Range
Detection Rane

Detection Range

What distance does an Askari Scout cover ?

Askari Scout uses two passive infrared sensors that will pick up any heat movement and determine whether it is a human. In order to trigger an Askari Scout, both beams have to detect movement, which minimises false alarms to almost zero. There is an array of 11 beams covering an area of 110° at a radius of +/-20 metres.

Askari Nano Station

Askari Nano Station (Programming Tool) Monitors up to 8 Askari Scout or Spy sensors

  • Gives audible and visual indication of the activated Scout.

  • In Stealth mode function In its learning format it will receive programming data from a Scout or another Nano

  • It Transmits 11 different instructions to Scout, Relays, Lights or Alarm I/O For programming purposes.

  • All Askari Scouts and Spy's are tested up to 400 meters away from the Nano Station line-of-sight.

  • Askari Nano Station (Programming Tool) Monitors up to 8 Askari Scout or Spy sensors

Nano Station

Residential Security
The wireless system will give you early warning in an unobtrusive way, protecting your home during the day and at night...

Commercial Security
The wireless system enables you to install early warning beams around your business premises quickly and easily, without expensive infrastructure changes.

Industrial Security
Effectively protect expensive equipment and machinery...

Agricultural Security
The open spaces on farms make it difficult and expensive to secure your property. The Askari system achieves high-end security in these difficult to reach places.
Edward Stettinius Jr.

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Henry Ford

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Security is always excessive until it's not enough.

Quick and easy installation

The Askari Systems is easy to install,monitor and maintain for the average home or bussiness owner.

Hands-on customer support

We strive to offer our customers the best support.

1 Year Warrenty

Askari Products carry a one year warrenty.

Secure your perimeter effectively and efficiently

Askari Scouts  have special ultra violet proof, patented lenses (poly IR6) which are Guaranteed for 10 years of unimpaired function. The majority of competitive products use ordinary Fresnel lenses which deteriorate rapidly when exposed to sunlight. To compound this annoying weakness some even do not sell replacement lenses, thus forcing the user to purchase an entire new unit.

Askari Scouts have a formidable reputation in being able to minimize false triggering and offer the purchaser many different means of dealing with environmental issues that DO arise in exterior applications. Our competitors offer only a reduction in detection range and sensitivity.

Askari has detection coverage of 20 meters in 110 degrees.